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Indian Gold Coins of the 20th CenturyWritten by Mike Thorne
Excerpted from COINage Yearbook 2011 - Used With Permission

The next two NLG award-winning books I'll review focus on gold coins. The first is Mike Fuljenz's Indian Gold Coins of the 20th Century, which received the award for Best Specialized Book: Numismatic Investments. Mike Fuljenz is a coin dealer in Beaumont, Texas, and a three-time winner of the NLG Investment Book of the Year award.

To give you some of the flavor of Fuljenz's writing, here's the first paragraph in the first chapter, titled "A History of the Indian Quarter & Half Eagles":

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Coin dealer subject of federal inquiry, lawsuits

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By Brent Hunsberger, The Oregonian

Metals are a hot commodity these days, but the head of a Portland-based investment company is under federal investigation over accusations he took in more than $2 million from investors without delivering gold and silver coins. And attorneys for other investors say they're owed several million more.

Earlier this month, FBI agents seized computers, records and safe-deposit box keys from the Tigard home of Lawrence Henry Heim, president of U.S. Gold & Silver Investments Inc. in Portland. The FBI says the mail and wire fraud investigation stems from unfulfilled investor orders made as long ago as 1998 and as recently as October 2010.

Heim and his company also face three lawsuits -- one in federal and two in state courts -- seeking more than $875,000 and alleging breach of contract. One of the suits was filed on behalf of the estate of the late Portland high-tech pioneer Tom Holce.

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Residents are turning old bling into cha-ching

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By Laura Elder
The Daily News

Michael Fuljenz has assisted in undercover investigations of so-called “hotel buyers” who move from city to city buying jewelry and preying on people who are in difficult financial positions.

Fuljenz said he helped investigate one hotel buyer who offered only $60 for a gold coin Fuljenz and independent experts valued at $10,000.

Fuljenz also advises consumers to sell to only reputable dealers and to be careful with companies that proclaim “Nobody pays more” or “Highest prices paid.” Also be leery of anyone who claims “to have a high buyer on the phone or computer and you need to sell right then.”

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Sell your gold, silver wisely

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With Permission of the Examiner and Jerry Jordan

Southeast Texans are once again being targeted by traveling gold buyers, and just like many newspaper and radio stations across the country, some of our local media have been lured into accepting misleading advertisements by their desire to make a buck.

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Mike Fuljenz Surprises Audience with Challenge Gift

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With permission from the quarterly newsletter of The Salvation Army of Beaumont

Christmas came early for the Salvation Army when Mike Fuljenz and guest speaker at our Life Changers Award Banquet & Annual meeting dropped a one-ounce gold American Eagle coin into the Red Kettle at the end of his speech.

The purpose of the gift was to raise awareness of the importance of The Salvation Army Red Kettle drive each year. Mr. Fuljenz challenged other coin dealers around the country as well as the general public to donate whatever they could this holiday season.

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Avoid the gold-buying hype

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By Jerry Jordan
Managing Editor
with permission from the Examiner

The Ohio Valley Gold and Silver Refinery is back in Southeast Texas hoping to separate local residents from the treasures hidden in their closets, drawers and jewelry boxes. But as reported in the past, the offers of “economic stimulus” have yet to live up to the hype promised in the company’s advertising.

THR & Associates – the parent company of Ohio Valley Gold and Silver Refinery, as well as Treasure Hunters Roadshow, International Coin Collectors Association, International Vintage Guitar Association, Cash for Tools, International Military Collectors Association, International Vintage Guitar Collectors Association, Fine Arts Collectors Association and the National Guns Collectors Association – is one of the largest itinerant gold buyers traveling the country. Using its various assumed names, THR & Associates sets up shop at hotels, meeting halls and other locations after taking out full-page ads in local newspapers and on the radio and television. Disguised as legitimate news stories, but with small type at the top of the page declaring it a “paid advertisement,“ the company hopes residents will bring in their gold, silver, and platinum to sell.

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