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Monday, June 01, 2009

Stauerfirst Federal Coin Company over priced coins Burnsville Minnesota

First federal coin company or corp. owns stauer junk juelry. stauer had two morgan silver dollars in their catalog for 129.00 an 1898-0 and 1904-0 (0 neworleans mint). the add states these coins are unciriulated. but these coins are not graded as to mint state. the add also states you get a certificate of authenticity. all this certificate is is just stateing that the coins are real morgan dollars and nothing else. as far as being uncirculated there is no way to know because these coins are not graded by ngc orpgcs. so you don't know what condition the coin they send is in. i have called other coin companies and i can get a 1898-0 and a1904-0 for 35.00 apiece that is 70.00 for both coins that are graded by ngc as to condition being bu. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM STAUER OR FIRST FEDERAL COIN COMPANY AS THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME, CON ARTEST.

jacksonville, Florida

First Federal Coin Company
14101 Southcross Drive W.
Burnsville Minnesota 55337
Phone: 800-806-1484

Reported By: (jacksonville Florida)